Import Photos into Powerschool

Submitted 12/1/2011 by Joanne Lloyd

Import Photos into PowerSchool for your School

Select All of your students.

Choose the Quick Export Function and export LastFirst and Student_Number fields into a Tab Delimited Text File and Open this file in Excel.

Insert a Column and Insert the corresponding Picture File Name in that field next to the appropriate Student's Name.  Picture files must be of .jpg file type.

Delete the Student Name Column from the spreadsheet and Export the data as a Tab Delimited Text File.

Create a .zip file of all of your student photo.  This file must be smaller than 100MB in size.

In PowerSchool Click on System and then Photo Managment and then Import Photos

Choose Students from the dropdown, the correct image file in the next dropdown (the .zip file you created earlier), the correct .txt file you exported earlier and then choose Student/Staff Number in the last dropdown ... then click Submit.

The next screen will gauge your success or failure.